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Stay Open To Love

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I have learned that the best kinds of relationships happen in a way you don’t expect so it is important to remain open to it happening.  In friendships, if I remain true to the idea of sharing love and developing the courage to share this love then I cannot be fearful of friendships – I know, it’s funny – afraid of making friends! I am afraid of being vulnerable, afraid of not measuring up, afraid of pain, afraid of loss and some may say I am afraid of gaining. What sense does it make to live in this kind of fear; I can never really have joy and have meaningful experiences?  I find that as I detach from what others may think of me, expose what I perceive to be vulnerable, act with honesty and let others be vulnerable around me, something remarkable happens – I build friendships. The courage to love takes being open to love and loving openly.  

- With gratitude, Reneé 

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